Caregiving tricks (The Caregiver Space)

Today’s Caregiver Space had a blog post containing various tricks from its caregiver community.  These two were new to me:

“OK Google.” Turning on this little charmer on your Android cellphone is a great time saver. “OK Google…. Create a new appointment with Dr. Doe for February 23, 2018, at 9am.” “OK Google…remind me to stop at CVS.” “OK Google…remind me to call the bank tomorrow afternoon.” “OK Google…remind me in 45 minutes to remove the casserole from the oven.” – Joseph A

Use a pool noodle just under the fitted sheet and on top of mattress. Keeps one from rolling out of bed! – Susan W

Here’s a link to the full post:

What’s your best caregiving trick?
by Michelle Daly
The Caregiver Space
Aug 27, 2017