Caregivers should prepare an emergency ID card identifying them as caregivers

Here are some useful tips from the Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center about how caregivers should prepare for what happens to a care recipient if the caregiver is delayed or injured.  Suggestions below.



Safety Tips – What If You Are Delayed or Injured?
The Caregiver
Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center Newsletter
November/December 2016

Safety Tips – What If You Are Delayed or Injured?

If you are responsible for the regular care of another person, what happens if you can’t be there? An accident or medical emergency can happen to anyone, at any time. It is important that emergency personnel (police, fire department and/or emergency room professionals) know that you are a caregiver and that someone is counting on you for their health and safety.

To ensure the well-being of the person you care for, always carry an emergency ID card in your wallet that identifies you as a caregiver. On the card, list:

* the name and location of the care recipient;

* your relationship to the person;

* an alternative caregiver or family member and their phone number;

* additional information on the person’s medical condition and needs; and

* a message indicating whether the person in your care is OK to be left alone.

Place an Emergency File Card on your refrigerator with the same information. Paramedics are trained to
look at the refrigerator for information on you.