Brain donation makes possible research on LATE pathology

Brain Support Network has helped over 1400 families with brain donation.  Many times, the neuropathology report shows that the donor had a pathology called LATE, which stands for limbic predominant age-related TAR DNA-binding protein 43.  LATE pathology often co-occurs with other pathologies. Recently, the journal “Neurology” published some research about LATE, based on brain autopsies.

Obviously this research is only possible through the generosity of people donating their brains and families for make arrangements to accomplish that.  The key point of this research is:  “Patients [LATE] pathology were more likely to develop cognitive symptoms later and live longer compared with patients with Alzheimer disease (AD) or LATE+AD. They were also more likely to be classified as cognitively normal compared with their counterparts.”  Read about the research here (at no charge, whether you register or not).