Blog by Debra Ford, whose husband Dave has PSP

In skimming a Facebook page on PSP, I came across Debra Ford’s blog.  See:

Her blog is titled “The Reality of the Battle.”  The tag line is:

“When warriors go down on their kneeds, the battle is not over.  It has just begun.”

Debra’s husband Dave was diagnosed in 2006 with Alzheimer’s, and in 2009 the diagnosis changed to progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP).  In late August 2016, Debra started a blog.  She posts a few times each month.   We aren’t told where they live but they are definitely in the US as she mentions the VA and YMCA in one post.

Here’s a recent post (February 4, 2017) I liked a lot:

4 neurologists
3 family doctors
4 physical therapists
1 personal trainer
2 speech therapists
3 wheelchairs
1 scooter
2 gyms
2 walkers
1 wheelchair carriers
2 sliding boards
1 toilet lift
1 portable toilet
2 personal lifts
1 traposize
3 gaitbelts
10 years
unlimited family love and support”

Her first post is copied below.



Posted by: Debra Ford
Monday, August 29, 2016

The battle started ten years ago when Dave was misdiagnosed with Alzheimer disease. It would be three years before we received the correct diagnosis of PSP (Progressive Supernuclear Palsey). The disease attacks the part of the brain that controls movement. It has many of the Parkinson Disease symptoms. For disease details go to  For those who know and love Dave, it is heartbreaking to watch. For Dave progressive means him losing his ability to walk, swallow, see, speak, slowly and plateauing over the past ten years.  The plateaus give us a small period of relief and brief hope that he may not get worse. The hope is false hope, the only true hope is in grace of God, that he will provide the strength and knowledge we need until Dave goes home with the Lord. This battle has taught me how to cope with what is happening to Dave, how to be a prayer warrior, and I pray make me a better person. Thank you for following our story. I pray by sharing our story, his west coast family and those here who love him will understand how brave Dave is in his fight to stay mobile and participate in our everyday life.