Billionaire Richard Rainwater Dies with PSP

Local support group member Lynn forwarded me a link to this article about the death on Sunday of billionaire Richard Rainwater, who had PSP.  Several years ago Mr. Rainwater began the Tau Consortium, which funds PSP and tau research at UCSF among other places.  Tau is the protein involved in PSP and CBD.  It is also one of two proteins involved in Alzheimer’s Disease.

As part of the obituary in the Forth Worth Star-Telegram, there’s a 3-minute video from January 2015 featuring Mr. Rainwater’s son and Bruce Miller, MD, of UCSF’s Memory & Aging Center.  They note that the PSP research may also benefit Alzheimer’s Disease plus CTE, the disease that football players get.

Here’s a link to the obituary:

Fort Worth billionaire Richard Rainwater dies
by Judy Wiley
September 27, 2015