Big changes needed so we can spend our final months at home

Though this article is focused on big changes that are needed to “make care at home possible during the last six months of life,” I thought it offered some good questions to consider, such as the tradeoffs between safety and independence.

According to this Kaiser Health News ( article, experts say these big changes are needed:

1- Reallocating resources to the home setting such as with house-call programs.

2- Clarifying priorities and discussing tradeoffs such as safety vs. independence.  “If staying at home at the end of life is a priority, this has to be communicated – clearly and frequently — to your family, caregivers, and physicians, said Dr. Thomas Lee, co-author of the New England Journal of Medicine study and chief medical officer at Press Ganey, a firm that tracks patients’ experiences with care.”

3- Taking advantage of services designed for people who need help at home, such as palliative care.  Check out the website to find programs in your area.

4- Getting needed help.

5- Building community.  Consider enrolling in a “village” program.

Here’s a link to the full article:

How To Spend Your Final Months At Home, Sweet Home
By Judith Graham
Kaiser Health News
November 10, 2016