Article about a woman who lost her mom to PSP and her dad has re-married

A local Brain Support Network member just sent me a link to this un-dated article.  It might’ve been posted in December 2016.  It’s on the website “BLUNTmoms” (  It’s an article by a woman who lost her mom at the age of 61 to PSP (progressive supranuclear palsy) about four years ago.  Her dad got re-married about 18 months ago.

The daughter admits she wasn’t very happy about the dad re-marrying.  But then describes a sweet story about everyone attending the state fair in October, with the new wife being very engaged with the daughter’s children.  The daughter says:

“Watching her with my children that day at the fair, I was overwhelmed by an aching sadness for the grandmothering my mom never got to do. But I also marveled at how life offers new beginnings, for all the premature endings. I felt gratitude for this woman who brought my dad back from the brink of despair. And I saw the beauty in the opportunity life has given this woman to bond so deeply with these children…especially my baby, my mom’s namesake.”

Here’s a link to the full article:

This Holiday Season Celebrate Joy And Memories Alike
Written by Joanna McFarland Owusu (guest author)
Blunt Moms
Mid-December(?) 2016 

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