Alzheimer’s Australia fact sheets on Lewy body disease

Alzheimer’s Australia ( publishes ten terrific two-page “help sheets” on the topic of Lewy body disease.  So many people use the term “Lewy body disease” incorrectly but not this organization.

They say:

“Lewy body disease includes three overlapping disorders:
•    Dementia with Lewy bodies
•    Parkinson’s disease
•    Parkinson’s disease dementia
This overlap results in the disease being called a spectrum disease.”

And they say:

“Naming within the spectrum can lead to confusion.
•    Lewy body disease is the ‘umbrella’ term signifying there is underlying alphasynuclein deposits in the brain.
•    Parkinson’s disease is usually diagnosed when a person develops significant movement symptoms first.
•    Parkinson’s disease dementia is diagnosed when a person with established Parkinson’s disease subsequently develops significant cognitive impairment.
•    Dementia with Lewy bodies is usually diagnosed when a person develops significant cognitive symptoms first.
•    Lewy body dementia refers to the cognitive changes typically seen across the spectrum of disorders.”

There are ten fact sheets available from Alzheimer’s Australia:
* Lewy body disease (an overview)
* Cognitive changes in Lewy body disease
* Neuropsychiatric changes in Lewy body disease
* Motor changes in Lewy body disease
* Autonomic changes in Lewy body disease
* Information for family and friends
* Information for home and community care workers
* Information for day placement workers
* Information for acute care workers
* Information for care facilities

Here’s a link to the list of ten fact sheets:

Lewy Body Disease Help Sheets
Alzheimer’s Australia

In looking over the ten fact sheets, I think the five that are information for others, such as family/friends, home care workers, etc. are the best.

Here’s a link to the “Information for Family and Friends” help sheet:

Let me know what you think!