Advice for dementia caregivers

Though this New York Times article is title “Advice for Alzheimer’s Caregivers,” the article applies to caregiving for anyone with dementia, not just Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

A key excerpt from the article on caregiving:

“Research conducted at NYU Langone found that the emotional and practical support received from family and friends led to significantly fewer symptoms of depression and stress and better physical health of the caregivers. The study also found that those caregivers were able to keep their relatives with dementia at home for a year and a half longer than those who did not receive support.”

Please attend our caregiver-only support group meetings, find other support group meetings (for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s caregivers), or find an online support group! Let me know if you need any leads.

This article is part of a group of articles in this week’s NYT about Alzheimer’s. One very long article, “Fraying at the Edges,” is about Geri Taylor, who has AD, and her husband Jim. It’s a fascinating look at someone coping with an AD diagnosis and trying to live life to the fullest. There’s a link to that article from the online version of the caregiver article.

Advice for Alzheimer’s Caregivers
By Amy Zerba
New York Times
May 2, 2016