Advice About Assisted Living for Aging Relatives, Part 2

The last three Wednesdays, the New York Times has had a three-part series of questions-and-answers on assisted living and other living arrangements for seniors.  This post is about part two of that series.  I thought part two had more useful advice than part one.  One key piece of advice – plan ahead as much as possible!

This analogy was provided in part two by the author:

I once heard a prominent geriatrician explain that dementia is like the rain — rain may be in the forecast, but it is unlikely that the storm will hit exactly when it is expected. Therefore, just as you would want to pack an umbrella in your pocketbook “just in case,” it is important that safety measures have been put in place before the “storm” begins.

I wonder if it’s possible for families to discuss in detail what measures they’d want taken if a family member developed dementia…?

The entire Q&A is worth checking out, especially the section on “Knowing when it’s time for more help”:

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Advice About Assisted Living for Aging Relatives, Part 2
By The New York Times
Published: October 23, 2013