Accepting Elders’ Opinions/Wishes While Caregiving

Over the holidays, my husband and I found ourselves dealing with two elderly family members with mild cognitive impairment and dementia (maybe vascular).  So I’ve been doing some reading on related topics.

I came across this nice article today on, which may be of interest to adult children who are communicating with aging parents:

Learn to Back Off and Accept Risks While Caregiving
January 04, 2016

The author of the article wrote the well-titled book “Minding Our Elders.”

This sentence range true for me:  “Anxiety over our elders’ safety can turn adult children into dictators.”  There was definitely an adjustment period in helping my father cope with neurological decline.

And this sentence brought up a lot of thoughts as well:  “It may mean biting our tongues while our parents enjoy taking a few risks.”  I always found it hard to bite my tongue, though, when it came to the risk of falls.