“A Navy SEAL explains 8 secrets to grit and resilience”

Several of you know that I’m interested in the topic of resilience — how we can build our resilience to weather the storms of neurological decline. A caregiver in Brain Support Network’s group sent me this recent article (from a career advice website) on a Navy SEAL explaining the eight secrets to grit and resilience. Perhaps you will find some useful information here, whether you are a caregiving, person with a neurological disorder, or otherwise challenged by something in your life.

The eight secrets from the article are:

1- Purpose and meaning. It’s easier to be persistent when what we’re doing is tied to something personally meaningful.

2- Make it a game. It’s the best way to stay in a competitive mindset without stressing yourself out.

3- Be confident — but realistic. See the challenges honestly but believe in your own ability to take them on.

4- Prepare, prepare, prepare. Grit comes a lot easier when you’ve done the work to make sure you’re ready.

5- Focus on improvement. Every SEAL mission ends with a debrief focusing on what went wrong so they can improve.

6- Give help and get help. Support from others helps keep you going, and giving others support does the same.

7- Celebrate small wins. You can’t wait to catch the big fish. Take joy where you can find it when good times are scarce.

8- Find a way to laugh. Rangers, SEALs, and scientists agree: a chuckle can help you cope with stress and keep you going.

Here’s a link to the full article: (Note that there are a lot of ads on the website.)


A Navy SEAL explains 8 secrets to grit and resilience
By Eric Barker
Jun 7, 2017

Let me know if this resonates with anyone coping with a neurological disorder.