“A Cautionary Tale of ‘Stem Cell Tourism'”

Here’s a worrisome article from yesterday’s New York Times about the harm one person received from stem cell therapy in Mexico, China, and Argentina as a “treatment” for a stroke.  A neurosurgeon found a “huge mass with someone else’s cells growing aggressively in [the person’s] lower spine.”

Some in our local MSA support group have tried stem cell therapy in China and Germany.  In general, we’ve heard that this therapy was not helpful.  Perhaps their loved ones didn’t live long enough to experience these problems?

Find the full article here:  www.nytimes.com/2016/06/23/health/a-cautionary-tale-of-stem-cell-tourism.html

New York Times
A Cautionary Tale of ‘Stem Cell Tourism’
By Gina Kolata
June 22, 2016