8 Tips to Ask for the Caregiving Help You Need

Debbie, a caregiver in our local support group, recently told me about the website, NextAvenue, which covers caregiving issues.  Here’s a recent article on “8 Tips to Ask for the Caregiving Help You Need.”

In short, the eight tips are:

1. Define your needs.
2. Brainstorm possible solutions with friends and family.
3. Build your support network.
4. Match talents to needs.
5. Keep a list of how others can assist you.
6. Be specific.
7. Manage the assistance.
8. Say thanks.

The article’s authors mention a book titled Mayday! Asking for Help in Times of Need, by M. Nora Klaver.  According to the article, Ms. Klaver says:

“There are several reasons why people wait until they are desperate to seek assistance. People are uncomfortable and afraid to ask. Also, we value our independence and no one may have taught us how to ask for help. She says that we don’t recognize we have a need until we are in a crisis. Often, we are unclear about exactly what we need, or we ask the wrong person to help fulfill our request.”

It seems to me that one problem is that “defining exactly what help is needed” may require knowledge or time for analysis that stressed-out caregivers don’t have.  But, obviously, it’s the right place to start when asking for help.

The article is short and worth reading.


8 Tips to Ask for the Caregiving Help You Need
It starts with acknowledging that you can’t do it all on your own
By Barbara and Jim Twardowski
September 2, 2016