“Eight Rules To Become A Smarter Patient”

The Wall Street Journal columnist Laura Landro has covered health care and its changes in a column called “The Informed Patient” over the last ten years.  In what is described as her final column, Ms. Landro shares eight rules on how to become a “smarter patient.”

These eight rules include:

* Do your homework
* Question your diagnosis
* Disclose everything
* Get recommended treatments
* No news isn’t always good news
* Don’t be afraid to speak up.  Use your assertive skills.
* Follow your regimen
* Keep your medical records

Here’s a link to the full article:


The Informed Patient: Eight Rules To Become A Smarter Patient
Wall Street Journal
by Laura Landro
13 December 2016

I was able to access the article at no charge by going first to “The Informed Patient” column page.  In general, this article is behind the WSJ paid firewall.