NYT: The Doyenne of Classical Publicists Takes on a Final Client: Herself

To raise awareness of Lewy body dementia and explore caregiving for her husband artist Nicholas Zann, Mary Lou Falcone wrote the book “I Didn’t See It Coming: Scenes of Love, Loss and Lewy Body Dementia.” This New York Times article is about Ms. Falcolne, a publicist who is taking on a final client — herself. Excerpt from the article: “Even when she knew that she had to write about Lewy body dementia, which the pitcher Tom Seaver and the actor and comedian Robin Williams also suffered from, she was initially determined to leave herself out of the narrative. Her first draft of the book read more like a disease awareness pamphlet. Friends and early editors told her that no one would care about Lewy body dementia unless they first cared about her. So she rewrote it, beginning with her childhood and continuing, in exacting detail, even including a log of what it was like to care for Zann at the end.”

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