2022 Brain Support Network PSP/CBD Support Group Meeting Dates

Since 2019, we have convened occasional support group meetings for those with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) and corticobasal degeneration (CBD).  Pre-pandemic, these were held at a restaurant in San Mateo.  Since the covid-19 pandemic, these meetings are virtual only.

We welcome those with PSP or CBD who are living in Northern or Central California.  Attendance is usually two to six people.  Most join by video but a few join by phone only.  Contact us if you’d like to be added to the meeting reminder email list.  When you contact us, please clarify if the email address is that of a person with PSP, CBD, or a caregiver.

These two groups — PSP and CBD — meet together as there is a large overlap of symptoms with these two disorders.

While a staff member from Brain Support Network sends out reminders about these meetings and may occasionally log in at the very beginning to see who is there, these meetings are ONLY for those with a PSP or CBD diagnosis.  The discussion is self-led.

In 2022, these virtual meetings will be held on these dates, from 2pm to 3pm:

January 9, 2pm  (this is the SECOND Sunday)
February 20, 2pm  (this is the THIRD Sunday)

May 15, 2pm  (this is the THIRD Sunday)
July 10, 2pm  (this is the SECOND Sunday)
September 11, 2pm  (this is the SECOND Sunday)
November 13, 2pm  (this is the SECOND Sunday)

In selecting these dates, we have avoided as many cultural events, sporting events, and holidays as possible.

Contact us for the virtual meeting link.

Please put these PSP/CBD support group meeting dates on your 2022 calendars now.  An email requesting RSVPs will be sent out a week or so before each meeting.  While RSVPs are not required, it is helpful if RSVPs are given by noon on the Saturday (one day) before each meeting.  That way we can know who might be attending.