“When should I start thinking about hospice care”

I ran across this very helpful Washington Post article from last week about hospice.  It addresses:

* what is hospice care?
* how much care does hospice provide?
* who pays for hospice care?
* if hospice is not a place, where do I get its care?
* why would I want hospice care? Can’t my doctors and local hospital adequately meet my needs?
* when should I start to think about hospice?
* are all hospices the same?
* how do I find a good hospice?  One answer – ask at a support group meeting!
* are there any other criteria to judge the quality of a hospice?
* where can I go (online) for additional help?

Here’s a link to the full article:


Health & Science
When should I start thinking about hospice care, for myself or a loved one?
Washington Post
By Caroline E. Mayer
January 26, 2015