13 ways to practice self-care as a caregiver (CareGiving.com)

This recent blog post on CareGiving.com is about 13 ways for caregivers to practice self-care. These 13 ways include:

1- talk ourselves through incredibly stressful situations
2- spent time with our faith
3- politely correct the health care professionals who offer suggestions that won’t work
4- calmly request help from services and programs
5- forgive those family members and friends who disappear during the toughest times of our lives
6- let go of the frivolous because we choose the meaningful
7- stay present with our caree during those tough times
8- vent in ways that feel right for us
9- give back to other family caregivers
10- show up to work
11- sometimes just lay on the couch
12- prepare for a future without our carees
13- shed tears

The author gives the advice that if you see a tired, overweight, or stressed family caregiver, “avoid making the diagnosis that self-care is missing. What you see isn’t lack of self-care. It could be lack of help. It could be lack of understanding. It could be lack of support. It could be a lack of financial resources. It may be all of that and more. … You can minimize that stress by pitching in to help, by listening to him or her (and that’s it — just listen) and by thanking him or her.”

Here’s a link to the full blog post:


12* Ways We Care for Ourselves During Caregiving
Jul 21, 2017
by Denise