“10 Actions that Helped our Family after Mom’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis”

Occasionally I check out online Alzheimer’s support groups.  Yesterday, I came across this helpful post titled “10 Actions that Helped our Family after Mom’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis.”  Though this was written by a daughter whose mother had Alzheimer’s, I think this advice applies to anyone coping with a neurological diagnosis.

The ten actions described are:
1.   Gather the troops, build a support network
2.   Divvy up the tasks
3.   Educate yourself about Alzheimer’s disease and local resources
4.   Review legal documents
5.   Find the right doctor(s) and care team
6.   Look at alternative situations, just in case
7.   Expect cognitive decline and prepare for change
8.   Be patient
9.   Enjoy and celebrate the good days
10. Take care of yourself and stay connected with others

For details on the ten actions, see the post: